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Solution Against Anisakis.


Designed to eliminate Anisakids
during gutting processes on board
fishing vessels.

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The innovative technology of TEDEPAD® inerts organic waste on-board fishing boats, significantly contributing to reducing the presence of parasites in commercially relevant species.

TEDEPAD® is the first system specially designed for handling viscera generated when processing fish onboard fishing vessels, aiming at completely exterminating these parasites; especially Anisakid worms. This way it ensures that such guts can be returned back into sea without negatively affecting marine ecosystems.

As a result, this contributes towards reduction of concentration levels of these parasites where our fleet fishes.

Anisakis: The Problem

Let’s keep our fish healthier by eliminating anisakis from them.

Anisakiasis is a parasitic disease caused by the accidental ingestion of fish contaminated with larvae from worms of the Anisakidae family.

The biological cycle of Anisakis species takes place in the marine environment, where they pass through several hosts throughout their life: crustaceans, fish, cephalopods or marine mammals.

The treatment of contaminated offal and waste that is returned to the sea during on-board fishing processing activities is essential for reducing the concentration of these parasites in commercially valuable species.

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Anisakis in fish
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TEDEPAD®: the solution.

Directly intervenes in the marine ecosystem by minimizing the source of parasites in fish.

Tedepad machine schematic
TEDEPAD® completely eliminates 100% of the parasites present in fish viscera that are generated onboard fishing vessels during usual gutting processes.

TEDEPAD® is the only fish parasite exterminating equipment that has received full recognition at a European level and is scientifically and technically validated on board industrial fishing vessels.

  • The first system specially designed to treat the viscera produced when processing fish aboard fishing boats, with the goal of fully exterminating their parasites, especially Anisakids. This ensures these guts can be returned to sea without negatively impacting marine ecosystems.
  • Allows for sustainable fishing while avoiding biological risks in the marine environment.
  • It has a significant impact on the image of vessels that have implemented its use, contributing to the sustainability of the marine ecosystem.
  • The design of TEDEPAD® is fully adaptable to any vessel. Its installation does not require major modifications on board, as it fits directly into existing waste extraction pipes in the fishery.
  • TEDEPAD® does not change work habits within fisheries nor disrupt established production flows.
  • It operates automatically without the need for additional labor.
  • Very low maintenance. Incorporates an internal self-cleaning system.
  • The TEDEPAD® meets all safety requirements, certified with CE marking.

The TEDEPAD®, inactivation technology has been successfully tested
on various vessels of the Galician fleet and validated by
CSIC within the framework of the European Parasite Project.

Tedepad Vïdeo

The operation of TEDEPAD® is fully automatic
Its installation on board does not require major modifications,
as it is directly interposed into existing waste extraction pipes
in fishing grounds.

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